Dark Chocolate Mini Pastry Shell Cup, Fluted. Made from great-top quality couverture, our dark choco mugs would be the excellent foundation for a lot of your chosen desserts! Under 2″ in size, they are really easy to get and provide the optimal quantity of filling up first outstanding nibble. Without stop of culinary possibilities, things them with many high class, soft, and scoopable teeth fillings.

Dark Chocolate Mug Pastry Cup, Fluted

Cast from business dark chocolates, these sugary servings have the perfect kitchen counter to stuff like ganache, custard, mousse, or fresh fruits. Fairly along with tasty, their sensitive fluted edge will raise the full sense of your delicacy nightclub or buffet. As a result of their strong design and large base, these darkish chocolate mugs make portioning and servicing a breeze.

Dainty, delicious, and practical, you’ll wonder the things you ever did without! Pastry 1 prides itself on creating goods that are composed of high quality ingredients, and they seashells are an excellent example. Produced from substantial-good quality delicious chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, cane sugar, and vanilla flavor, these 100 % natural ingredients blend to make a truly tasty chocolates shell. Steering clear of the addition of chemical substance preservatives, man-made flavorings, and stabilizers, you’ll be able to experience their exceptional quality in the very first chew.

Perfect kitchen counter

One more instance of their excellent workmanship and commitment to high quality, these chocolate cups are merely one in an extensive collection of sterling merchandise produced by Pastry 1. One of many most important producers of high-top quality elements to the baking specialist, you’ll locate everything from stabilizers, glazes, concentrated amounts, and much more offered right here at Exquisite Foods Retailer! Each and every get of chocolate glasses features 190 individual items, offered singly or perhaps in sets of 2.

Vacuum-packed and enclosed with insulation wrapping to guard against spikes in temperatures and prevent breaks or damage during transit, we take each precaution to make certain your purchase arrives promptly as well as in top condition.

Pastry 1,  Dark Chocolate Mini Cup, Fluted, excellent workmanship and commitment to high quality
Pastry Doughs, Dark Chocolate Mini Cup, Fluted

Pastry Dark Chocolate Tulip Cup. These darker chocolates glasses offer an sophisticated appearance although making the production of higher-quality sweets easier plus more sleek. The right foundation for numerous high quality sweets, fill up these delicious chocolate tulips with ganache, mousse, custard, or fruit for any delightful take on more conventional desserts.

Made from flawlessly tempered dark chocolate couverture, you could expect all the stand out and click related to well-tempered chocolates during these dessert servings. Financing an awesome textural component to silken, scoopable sweets, and operating being a scrumptious foundation for providing, these are typically suitable when catering huge activities or creating buffet-design, offer-yourself treat cafes. Their constant dimension and quality make serving simple and easy help in keeping your portions a similar.

Fine and slim, we take every single provision to cautiously package every single case of chocolate glasses with insulation covering, that can help stop heat spikes. In order to avoid any breaks or damage during transit, each scenario is cautiously vacuum-bundled and sealed. Available in packages of 30, find them singly or in sets of 2. For any delightful and different dessert, consider providing the next sweet production in one of those beautiful chocolate mugs from Pastry 1!

Pastry 1 beautiful chocolate mugs,  Dark Chocolate Tulip Cup, glasses with insulation covering, that can help stop heat spikes
Pastry Doughs, Pastry 1, Dark Chocolate Tulip Cup